A Good Read

A good book is a far better companion than a television, you don’t lose signal if you move away from the house, you can take it anywhere, and can dip in and out without worrying about losing the thread AND the picture quality is far better than any television, because it is your picture.  The author paints it but it is the reader who interprets it rather than a director.

The very best kind of book is one which you are eager to get to the end of in order to find out what happens but when you do, leaves you sad at the loss of of a friend. I can get so totally lost in a book that I find the intrusions of the real world a frustrating distraction.  I was brought up in a home where reading was always the preferred activity, we rarely had a television, we listened to the radio – normally the Home Service, now Radio 4, and we either played games or we read.  On good days, my father would come home with piles of books for my sister and I, they really were stand out days, filled with the prospect of hours of entertainment.  My parents had a bookcase in the room at the front of the house.  There was a big squashy armchair next to it, (actually it was probably rather small, but so was I, so to me it was a big one) I used to curl up in that chair and read whatever took  my fancy from their bookshelves.  This was back in the sixties so even the most unsuitable books were quite tame.  I feasted on Pearl S Buck, Nevil Shute, Hammond Innes and numerous others – all before I was 10 years old.   My favourites at the time were the Readers Digest story collections, in beautifully bound volumes.  I am not sure that my parents were ever aware of how much of their book collection I was reading as it was a largely unused room, and I could hide away in there without being discovered and disturbed.

These days I am the one hunting my daughter when she gets her hands on a new book, and I spend a lot of time doing that!  It seems I receive Amazon parcels for her almost every day.

This blog will be mostly reviews of what I have read but will also contain my thoughts on books, publishing, authors and anything else connected with books which pops into my mind.

If you are reading this then I guess that you too, are absorbed in literature and look for good books so I hope some of the reviews, when posted, will be of help to you when you are choosing to Book a Good Read.

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